Let's get going...

Long time reader, first time blogger (in a decade or so). For a more detailed insight into who I am, checkout the about page here: https://blog.kywa.io/about/

This blog will be focusing on a few different things. I will try to keep this blog as tech focused as possible. As I have grown in tech I have found the value that good blogs and articles provide for those learning or looking to grow.


The first tech related article will be over my homelab and how I use it. From then on out it will focus on most things around Kubernetes or OpenShift and tooling as it relates to those platforms.


I will also have some articles posted around my primary hobby, cars. I will be documenting my build and usage of my main car and the side project I have. I no longer have my Camaro, but here is a video of it at Houston Raceway Park back in 2020:

Fun times


I am no photographer, but I do have an interest in it and a great interest in drones. Recently I purchased a DJI Mini 2 and have grown to love the freedom they provide and the ease in which you can get some truly amazing shots. This video is a quick flight from my house to the local lake in my neighborhood.

177 Lake Estates

I will do my best to post weekly, and look forward to hearing feedback as we move forward.