The mineOps series is still ongoing and Part 5, Making Containers Highly Available, should be released here in the next two weeks or so. Following that the final part in the series, ArgoCD to the Rescue, will be out probably a week after. This final post will conclude the series and follow more or less a typical journey a company and its engineers may take moving through the technology stack.

On the horizon the next few posts are in the wings and should pair well with those who followed along with the mineOps series or for those who are already on this journey. The upcoming posts will focus on Tekton and its use as a replacement for existing pipelines in your workflows specifically targeted at replacing Jenkins. Please note that is me saying that and not a tagline from the Tekton group.

And the next article coming after that will be focusing on Terraform, another great product from Hashicorp that has been used to great success for many companies since it was released. At first Terraform will appear to be no different than Ansible, however there is much more to it than this and we will dive into those similarities and differences.